Best Position for Gushing Ejaculation?

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Best Position for Gushing Ejaculation?

Postby SloaneFox » Thu Sep 30, 2010 9:06 am

I am a squirter and I love having ejaculatory orgasms.

They make me feel so satisfied and I love the deep release. They are sooo great!

I really don't want to have sex if I can't get a few (or a lot) of really great ejaculations as part of it anymore.
Once you have them, you never want to not have them.

So here's my question.

I started squirting when lying on my back with my husband giving me G-Spot and clitoral stimulation simultaneously - the "Blended Orgasm." It would be like a spring, welling from the ground, or it would sometimes squirt out and arc like a fountain and on good days, I'd get my own feet wet!

It seems like the more fluid I ejaculate, the better and deeper and more satisfying the orgasm. And the longer he stimulates me, the more I can squirt, until I'm spent.

Then we started to do a 69-style position where I'd suck his cock and he'd finger me simultaneously and I'd squirt all over his face. (He loves this!)

The QUESTION: Is there another position where I can squirt even more???
Let me know and thanks!
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